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Our Core Business

Rhea Offshore Sdn Bhd’s principle activities in oil and gas industry include oilfield services, energy engineering, energy logistics and: training and human resource development services. Its supply business includes with major oil companies such as Petronas, Malaysia’s national oil company as well as other major international oil companies such as Shell, Mobil and Indonesia’s Petamina.

Meanwhile. Rhea Offshore’s oil and gas interests are further complemented in the vertical integration of Rhea Offshore Sdn Bhd’s in sea transportation industries specifically for bulk cargoes transporting dry and liquid products. The company was founded and managed by a team of professionals who have between them almost two decades of in-depth work experience onshore, providing freight and fleet management to ship owners and identifying suitable ships and cargoes to charterers, shippers, traders or ship owners respectively. Rhea has also a Fabrication Division located in Pasir Gudang, Johor. Rhea Offshore has extended its oil & gas services business into Cambodia to tap into the emerging oil & gas industry of this country.

Fabrication Division

Located in the hub of fabrication activities in offshore oil & gas industry in Southern Johor Malaysia, Rhea Offshore services encompasses civil & steel structure, oil & gas structural and piping works / installation, mechanical installation, supply of offshore support vessels, factory maintenance, water treatment plant construction & maintenance, skilled manpower supply and ship repairs.



Rhea’s Growing Global Identity

Rhea Offshore (Cambodia) Pte Ltd


Rhea Group realizes that one of its key success factors is its highly professional services seen in its diverse and highly trained skilled management and workforce. This fact also manifests itself in Rhea Group’s specialized components, distinctive yet effective and complementing units. In turn, these are reflected in the company’s strong shared-functions, geared towards business profitability. Under its capable organization leadership of Mr Ruslan Munir, its founder and Group Executive Chairman, Rhea Group members and affiliates have emerged as recognized specialists in their own fields.

These and the existing challenges and the business risks that comes with the demanding business environment interacts both in its domestic and international market; and such business conditions have provided the Rhea Group with the main push to Cambodia. The Rhea Group is upbeat to take on the many challenges and existing opportunities presented to Cambodia as well as the world at large head-on. What is increasingly demanded of this new company Rhea Offshore Cambodia at the time of writing is to firm up and to implement its plans, and this is certainly the right time and right place.

The Royal Kingdom of Cambodia, an emerging country in South-east Asia is a country with vast opportunities and yet untapped resources. Cambodia is the first country the Rhea Group proposes to expand its wings as part of its latest regional expansion policy. Rhea faces its best option here by taking advantage of its present government’s liberal policy towards attracting foreign business participation in the country’s economy. Thus, for this reason, Rhea Offshore (Cambodia) had conducted advance studies into the country’s present economic and business scenarios.

Also, the company has made extensive preparations well before hand by building up from Malaysia’s constant rapport through direct and indirect trade links with the Government and private sectors involved in Cambodia’s oil and gas industry besides other key infrastructure areas of the country. Such fundamentals go towards meeting Rhea’s objective of achieving a faster realization of its return of investment in Cambodia for both its local and foreign investors in this country moving forward. And as a company and as an organization of individuals, our mindset is also to take great pride in contributing back to the community where we live and work.

With Cambodia, a country rich in oil and gas resources, we also firmly believe we have what it takes to contribute to the sustainable economic growth and development of Cambodia’s oil and gas industry in the long run. Thus. Rhea Offshore (Cambodia) Pte Ltd will strategize its business policy in line with the country’s new oil and gas Policy, released by its Government in March 2008. This policy is set to drives the future of the oil and gas industry of Cambodia. Our belief springs from our mission and vision. In our oil and gas business to use our expertise and network to find, develop and produce oil and gas to power Cambodia and the world.

Our Principle Activities

Rhea Offshore (Cambodia) Pte Ltd is positioned to be a key player in the Oil and Gas industry whose divisions work hand-in-hand to deliver vital energy towards progressive development of Cambodia and to the rest of the world. Progressing with a vision to contribute towards generating energy resources on the global scale in every possible way, our various businesses fulfill our commitment to provide the energy that gives power to the good of the people and the world. Also, we pursue our business in the firm belief that real success in this industry on Cambodian soil and beyond can only be achieved by strategic alliances with our local partners.

1.    Oilfield Services

Rhea Offshore (Cambodia) is a provider of innovative high performance drilling fluids solutions and state-of-the-art drilling waste management services. With our team’s profound and vast experience in this field, we are a reliable source that can help you to look after your oilfield requirements.

Our oilfield business consists of three core divisions – drilling fluids, drilling waste management and oilfield product distribution. We go to great lengths to ensure that all these divisions observe the international environmental standards, making us the desired choice of partners for oilfield solutions, both locally and internationally. 

2.    Energy Engineering

With a strong commitment to provide world-class services in this area to the marketplace, we employ high-tech equipment, facilities and advanced technology and with proven processes that are backed by skilled and experienced industry professionals with extensive knowledge. 

We are dedicated in providing comprehensive premium threading services, which encompasses manufacture, repair and re-certification of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) and its accessories, which is used during drilling and production of crude oil.


3.    Energy Logistics

We are also steadfast suppliers of various types of marine vessels to the offshore Oil and Gas industry, such as Work Boats, Anchor Handling and Crew Boats. This capability is to know the diverse range of logistic solutions by effectively understanding and having the right knowledge of what dictates the market. We apply the same principle in our business areas. Energy logistics also includes any support vital to the oil and gas industry such as special purpose petrol tankers, refuse compactors, vacuum tankers, etc. Backed by years of experience in our team, and our sound financial strength and commitment to client-satisfaction, we strive to become a major logistics provider to the energy and its transportation industry across the Asia Pacific region and worldwide.


Our Strength

Rhea Offshore (Cambodia) Pte Ltd’s foundation is built on a dynamic management team with over more than two decades of concrete experience in international Oil and Gas, led by Mr Sapuan bin Safiai; coupled with decades of successful entrepreneurial sagacity from Mr Ruslan bin Munir and reinforced by the solid business banking industry experience from Mr Khalid Albasrawy.

Through our visionary management, we have shaped our company to be distinguishable based on our values. It is our firm belief that we should conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We respect the law and we strive to conserve the environment and benefit the communities where we work. At the heart of the company is our vision to be the international Oil and Gas company acknowledgement for its people, partnership and delivery. We believe our values speak for our actions.

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Today, Rhea Offshore (Cambodia) Pte Ltd is well in line to be one of leading global players in the Oil and Gas sector with full range Oil and Gas industry involvement from drilling, support services, piping, trading, training and development in the Oil and Gas industry.

We clearly display a progressive organization with a dynamic management of strong values and concrete financial-backing extensive industry expertise, technical knowledge, experience and the ability to provide Oil and Gas services.


Our Board of Directors

Ruslan bin Munir
Executive Chairman

Mr Ruslan bin Munir is credited with a long and illustrious banking career with Maybank, Malaysia’s largest banking group, ranked among the top 100 Banks in the Asia Pacific by the Asian Banker 300 and of which is currently present in 12 countries worldwide, serving as Bank Manager as various branches of Maybank in Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur. He later resigned in 1993 to concentrate on his personal business ventures. He is also an Associate Member of Institute of Cooperative & Management Accountant Malaysia, and a Professional National Accountant (PNA) of the National Institute of Accountants (Australia).

Mr Ruslan bin Munir achieved entrepreneurial success when he founded the Rhea Group of Companies and is currently the Executive Chairman of Rhea Corporation of Malaysia. He has since expanded the interest of the Group in an extensive sale in which it now holds diversified business in Construction & Project Management, Information and Communication Technology & Integrated Facility Management, Trading, Wood Industry Manufacturing, Film Production and Oil and Gas Supplies Offshore.


Muliana Bin Munir
Executive Director, Technical

 MulianaA Civil Engineer by profession, En. Muliana has had over 24 years experience in managing multi-disciplinary engineering projects in various capacity.  Among the high profile projects he was involved in were: the 772 km North-South Expressway (as Contracts Administrator); the 29 km line PUTRA Light  Rail Transit System (as Concession Monitoring Manager); the 57 km ERL Express Rail Link from KLIA to KL Sentral (as Vice President, Civil Construction & Contracts Management); the 53 km SKVE South Klang Valley Expressway (as Chief Operating Officer)

With his vast technical knowledge and management experience, En. Muliana is currently engaged as a Technical Consultant to an investment holdings company with diversified business activities ranging from concession owner of privatization and PFI projects, construction to international trading; besides being an Executive Director of Rhea Offshore.


Hamidon Bin Othman
Executive Director, Operations

HamidonEn. Hamidon started his working career in 1984 as an Engineer with the Ministry of Health Malaysia. With a B.Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering (USA) and M.Sc. Degree in Energy Management (UK),  he has gained  vast experience in managing health facilities while serving the Ministry. His last position in the Government service was the Chief Engineer of Sarawak Gen. Hospital.

In 1995 he joined Faber Group Berhad (FGB) as a Consultant and later was absorbed into FGB’s subsidiary i.e. Faber Medi-Serve Sdn. Bhd. as a Zone Manager. Over a short span of 3½ years, he has climbed the corporate ladder to become the General Manager overseeing the operation of Hospital Support Services in all 72 hospitals within the Faber’s Concession. Besides being an Executive Director of Rhea Offshore, En. Hamidon is also in the Board Directors of Rhea Buildcare Sdn Bhd and Primatif Sdn Bhd.

Fadzil @ Zubir Adam
Executive Director, Finance & Admin

 Born in 1956, En. Zubir graduated from UiTM, Shah Alam in 1977 with a professional degree of the Chartered Institute of Transport (UK). He also holds an Advance Diploma in Management (DIMP) from the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM).

He started his career with the road haulage industry with Kontena Nasional Sdn Bhd (KNSB). In 1980, he joined MISC Coastal Services (M) Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Malaysia International Shipping Corporation Berhad (MISC), where he served extensively in various capacities at both the agencies’ level as well as the principal’s head office.
At the principal level, he headed the Liner Coastal Domestic Service in Kuala Lumpur from 1992 onwards and oversaw a positive turnaround of its earnings during his two year stint there.

He later served overseas as the Country Manager in Bangkok, Thailand for five years (1994 – 1999) looking at the company’s shipping interests in Thailand. His last attachment was with the Liner Container Procurement division where he was responsible for the liner container supply chain management before leaving in 2004 to pursue other interests. He is now an Executive Director of RHEA Offshore Sdn Bhd.

Suriyati Mohamad Shariff
Executive Director, Bus. Development & Corporate Affairs


Ms. Suriyati Mohamad Shariff commenced her illustrious career in the retail banking industry with a Degree in Social Science (Hons) from  the  Science  University of Malaysia, serving  as Manager  of Maybank Berhad in numerous branches within Klang Valley from 1984 until end of 2005. After a career spanning more than two decades in the banking industry, she subsequently ventured into real estate and property, providing professional advice as a business consultant.

Ms. Suriyati then held a financial advisory position to various individuals and corporate companies, operating on her vast banking experience and knowledge before coming onboard as Director of the Business Development and Corporate Affairs for Rhea Offshore. 

Joran Leng

Director, Business Development, Cambodia, Rhea Offshore (Cambodia) Pte Ltd

Mr Joran Leng is a Cambodian-American in Cambodia responsible for spearheading Rhea Offshore (Cambodia)’s Business Development efforts in Cambodia. He graduated with an American Degree in Computer Programming from Long Beach City College in 1989, and a Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University of Long Beach in 1992. Upon graduation, Mr Leng has since worked as a Paralegal in General Services before moving on to work as an Entertainment Producer.

From 2001 to 2005, while in the States, Mr Leng was appointed President & News Producer for CAM-TV (Cambodian TV). He was also involved with the Cambodian Television Network (CTN) for three years and was Business Consultant in various local business activities specializing in Development and Agriculture in Cambodia before his attachment with Rhea Offshore (Cambodia).


Key Operations Management Staff

Cheow Yoke Loon
Project Manager

CheowWith over 30 years experience in fabrication, erection of oil & gas modules and offshore platform, and other heavy engineering works,  Mr. Alan  Cheow is  regarded  as  our  cifu  in  project  and operations management.  His  previous  work  assignments has brought him to many job sites in Peninsular & East Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, and the North Sea, UK. Among his major strengths are his ability to estimate all materials & tools for jobs arrangement & planning; work scheduling, distribution & coordination; planning of erection & welding sequence for any oil & gas module and offshore platform; supervision of heavy lifting and many more.

The most recent fabrication & erection works completed with his major involvement are EIB Building, Adriatil LNG Project - Exxon Mobil (2007); Jacket & Topside for ABU Cluster - Pertronas Carigali (2006); MSF, M2, M3 modules, and Flare  Boom for Baram Project - Petronas Carigali (2005); Drilling Support Module for Kozomba-B Drilling Rig (2004); Drilling Platform for North Lukut & Penara Project – Pertronas Carigali (2003).

Halim Bin Baba 
Operation Manager

HalimTrained as an Architectural Draughtsman for mechanical and steel structure, Halim has been involved in many engineering and fabrication  projects  starting  from  the  design  and  drafting stage. After attending many technical, supervisory and management courses, he was then given more challenging tasks in project supervision and management.

As a project site superintendent is was responsible to check drawing at site and prepare site modification; liaison with subcontractor, client and main contractors; and monitor manpower and subcontractor’s progress in fabrication and erection works. The types of project ranges from Government buildings, to multipurpose halls, mosques, stadium and many more.

As a Project Manager/Operations Manager for Rhea, Halim has successfully manage until completion the installation of machinery (2,600 mt) and piping works (44,660 Dia. Inch) for CHH Paper Plant in Bentong, Pahang and structural works for TBCP-A (Living Quarters) at MMHE Pasir Gudang, Johor.

Khairul Qaiyum Bin Azizan
Project Engineer

KhairulKhairul started his working carrier in Oil and Gas industry in 2004. Before joining Rhea Offshore, he has worked with Sime Darby Engineering (SDE), Dyna-Mac Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) and Malaysian Marine and Heavy Engineering (MMHE).

Among the fabrication projects he was involved in are: Bunga Raya E – Topside (Talisman Ltd), Modec – Piping works, Kikeh – FPSO (Murphy Oil), Amenam Phase II – Topside (Total, Faibos & Saipem), Bunga Okid A – Topside (Pertonas Carigali), P-23 – Topside (Shell). Currently Khairul is Rhea’s Project Engineer for the TBCP-A (Living Quarters) project.



 Contact info

Rhea Offshore (Cambodia) Pte Ltd

Malaysia Office:

Rhea Offshore Sdn Bhd
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Phone: +603 7727 1021 / +603 7726 9021
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Cambodia Office:

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